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A German style sausage made of beef and pork. Very mild.  Sugar and Carb Free

20 sticks

3 reviews for landjaegers

  1. Jose

    I bought these at a stand at our local gun show. I am hooked on these. They are a great snack and have just the right flavor combination. The consistency is pretty much like a dry sausage. These are not spicy , they are very mild but full of flavor. I plan on keeping these in stock for a while. Delicious, you gotta try them.

  2. Frederick

    Eaten Landjaeger from all over the world… This is really good!! Bought it at the Gunshow last weekend..

  3. Scott Sabaday

    Bought from the store in Ringtown recently. Surprisingly flavorful. Nice alternative to skinny meat sticks. Very fair pricing.

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